Wednesday, May 23, 2007

Ok so my sister in law said she jumped on the blog wagon and I guess I am going to make the jump too. What a fun way to keep in touch! Lorenzo is at school today and Liam is on my lap so things are quiet here at the moment. Dora the explorer is making some noise in the other room however. Riley has a Military appriciation luch at his school today and will be playing the piano as part of the program. I have been trying to find someone to watch Lorenzo as he is hard to take places. I hope my the gal I have lined up makes it back from her app. in time.

I ran the battery dead on the van yesterday. Jeremy was at a gig and we were on our way to scouts. Luckily our neighbors were home and able to give me a jump. All the kids thought it was so exciting! Lorenzo keeps asking how much power the van has now. lol!

Well I am off to do the laundry, I know, Lucky me!!