Thursday, March 27, 2008

Congrats Mindy and Jeff!!!!!

I'm an aunt....again! My sister Mindy and husband Jeff added another little girl to their family this morining. Ava Marie checked in at 6lb 10oz and 20 1/2" long. Now all I have to do is wait untill we can get back to Utah and give her a big hug and Kiss!!! It is times like this that it is hard living away from family.

Wednesday, March 26, 2008

Kilauea Volcano Spews Ash

This is the story we are all following here. It is so amazing to think we were there less then 3 weeks ago. Some of me wishes we were there during all this excitement but the other part of me is glad to have some distance from it too.

Lorenzo with out training wheels

So know that you know the story behind this I am glad to report that he got back up "in the saddle" again!

Monday, March 24, 2008

I guess every family has one....

Why is it that Lorenzo seems to leave a trail of chaos and disaster wherever he goes? For example just this last week alone, he spilled a 2 gallon bottle of apple juice all over the floor while I was in the shower, when asked what happened.... "I was trying to be the strongest man" He managed to dig a 2 foot hole in the back yard but was not satisfied until he had filled the hole with water and flung mud balls all over the fence and house. He also got gum all over the back of the van carpet mat, while I was in trying to clean this off Jeremy was out helping him on his bike without training wheels, to get to the point, Jeremy was not watching to well and Lorenzo crashed right into the new truck of the people that live a few doors down. Jeremy went over to talk with them and they were not happy! This is on top of his usual 2-3 wardrobe changes a day and the "bathroom mess" he always leaves when he is finished in there.

Sunday, March 23, 2008

Happy Easter

A couple of months or so ago I was trying to find a picture of myself for a sewing group I belong to and could not find any that were within the last couple of years. I then told Jeremy that he needed to start taking more pictures as I am always the one behind the camera. Well this is what I get for complaining, thanks Jeremy!

We had our primary activity yesterday and it was a lot of fun and it all went off without any major hitches! Liam was not very interested in finding eggs, I think he found 3 or 4, and was more concerned about what I was doing with his bottle of blue bubbles he has been obssesd with.

Lorenzo looking for eggs

Riley and his primary class (don't worry he just had an itch, honest)

Saturday, March 15, 2008

James Taylor - Frozen Man

Many of you that know me know that I love James Taylor, I mean LOVE James Taylor. There was a PBS special on him the other night and it just made my week. I love all his music, the new the 70's stuff and love, love, the old. He can tell such a beautiful story and his voice is incredible. I have seen him in conccert twice and they were the best concecrts I have ever been too, that's right even better the the Wynton Mrasalis and the Lincoln Jazz Center and the Caribbean jazz Project (both were amazing). There is just something about his music that just makes me smile!!

Tuesday, March 11, 2008

What happend to my cookies?

I sat down to do some work on the computer and opend a bag of vanilla wafer cookies and just looked down and half of the package is gone? Wow, I do not even feel like I just ate 1000 calories worth of nothing but I guess as liam and I are the only ones home and he does not like them it must have been me. Note to self do not buy vanilla wafers again!

Sunday, March 9, 2008

If you did not already know,

Where were you born? Salt lake City, UT

Middle name: I do not have one, really.

How old will you be this year? I just turned 30

Nicknames: Bri

Are you taller than your mother or father? no, I am shorter then both.

Do you cry often during movies? Yes

What is your biggest pet peeve? If I tell you you would gross out, well ok, I hate it when the toilet seat is warm, I just do not like to think of someone else sitting there before me. I do not use public restrooms and will wait until I get home but will have to disinfect the seat if someone has been in there before me. (see, told you it was gross)

Favorite color: red

Favorite foods: pie, or any other baked good!! I also love Italian food.

Favorite restaurants: The Spaghetti Factory (we can all eat there for under 30.00)

Favorite beverage: gatorade

Favorite cold cereal: I hate cereal

Favorite smells: new tires, new carpet, wet garage, the smell outside right after it rains.

Favorite time of day: Bed time. I love reading the kids their books and getting them all tucked in.

What brand of shampoo/conditioner do you use? What ever is on sale

Favorite make-up products? I splurge here, and have to say Stila is the best brand out there and is almost all I use. It is expensive so I guess it is a good thing I do not wear a lot.

How many pillows do you sleep with? One, but Liam uses me as one.

Do you play an instrument? I play many but will only admit to playing the trumpet and piano (ok sometimes the flute but only if it is for church )

Have you ever been skinny dipping? No

Did you do any sports in High School? No

What was the last movie you saw in the theater? Alvin and the Chipmunks

What is your favorite article of clothing? My Running watch (does that count?) It is sooo cool!!!!!

What is your dream vacation?
Machu Picchu, Peru

What was your first impression of your spouse? I though he was a trombone player (need I say more)

If you were an animal what would you be? My sisters dog, as she takes really good care of her.

What is your favorite “me- time” activity? reading in the bath

Favorite TV shows: I hate TV, so I pass on this one.

What is your dream car? Again I am going to have to pass as I do not really care what I drive as long as it is paid for!

What is one of your weaknesses?
Trying to keep my house spotless at the expense of nagging my kids and husband to death!

What do you fix for dinner when there’s nothing to fix? Scrambled eggs

If you could live in a different decade/era which one would it be? The late 40's- 50's I used to want to be June Cleaver on Leave it to Beaver (I secretly still do)

Do you consider yourself outgoing? Yes

What is something you are constantly working on? Patience with my family

Any hidden talents? I can make a killer apple pie!

What is a word or phrase you overuse?" Jeremy come clean up this mess!!!!"

What is the worst thing that happened to you this past year? Found out jeremy was going on tour for starters and the constant battle with my family.

What is the best thing that happened to you this past year? having Lorenzo do "well" in kindergarten

What is one thing you hope to accomplish this year? make it through Jeremy's 4 month tour (pray for me)

The best piece of advice you learned this past year? That I can not change people but I can change myself! It is finally sinking in.

Who are the 7 people you are going to tag to do this survey?
Anyone who has the time!!!

Friday, March 7, 2008

Black Sand Beach

Thursday, March 6, 2008

We're back!!

We were able to spend 4 days on the Big Island and I can honestly say that it was one of the best vacations I have ever had. We stayed at the Kilauea Military Camp that is right in the Volcano National Forest and is so spectacular!!!! We had a 2 bedroom cabin with fire place and kitchen and the kids had almost as much fun in their "new home" as they did touring the volcano.

We saw some breath taking waterfalls and beautiful tropical forests, we spent an afternoon on one of the black sand beaches were we saw sea turtles and 2 humpback whales really close to shore jumping and playing in the water (AMAZING!!!!) We spent a day in Kona and Waikaloa at the Hilton for my cousins wedding and the kids swam with more turtles and had a lot of fun riding the boats and taking the "train". All in all it was an awsome trip, but I have to say that my favorite part was the volcano. We were able to hike right down into Kilauea crater and walk the lava that erupted for 36 days about 50-60 years ago and took 36 years to cool down. if you look at the pictures, yes I am wearing slippers and a sun dress. Jeremy decided to do it last min. and I was not prepared but I made it down with only one near mishap! The trails were amazing and there was so much to do we could have spent a week just at the volcano. It was well worth it and I am so thankful that we were able to do it! The kids had a blast and Jeremy and I had an equally good time if not better!!!!!

I had trouble uploading these pictures just click the box with the ? to access the photo album, sorry!