Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hail to the Cheif?

After Family home evening the other night Lorenzo was telling us that he is going to be a dentist when he grows up. We were talking about what kind of dentist he was going to be when Riley came in and said "guess what I want to be" I said a diver/oceanographer (that is what he last told us) and he said "No" that he want's to be President of the United States. Well Jeremy and I both looked at each other and said wow, we were kind of joking with him and asking him if he was going to take "president classes" in college and he said" no, I think first I will study law and then become a supreme court justice and then maybe run for governor or the mayor! Jeremy and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor! I knew he liked his social studies and economics class this year but it made a big impact on him!

As I have been going through my week I keep thinking about his new ambition and think "Riley, Go for it!!! You would make a great President!!!" I love my kids, all 3 (4 if you include Jeremy) future president or not they are number 1 in my book!

Olivia went home yesterday and the house seems empty without her. I know there are still the five of us here but we miss her. Liam has walked around asking for Wa-Wa (Olivia) and it makes me wish we lived closer to family. We will be out in Utah in a little over a week so we are not as sad as we were last year when she left.

Friday, June 22, 2007

Cisco's Cantina

One of the added bonuses having Olivia here is we have a babysitter, so I have been able to go with Jeremy on a few gigs over the past couple of weeks. It has been a lot of fun. I have not been able to do this since before we had kids. He played last night at a mexican restaurant called Cisco's cantina and it was so much fun!!! We went a little early so we could eat, the comp him a meal, and we must have had the world largest burrito. It was HUGE!!! We could not even finish it between the 2 of us, it is now in the fridge to feed the rest of our family for the weekend! After dinner I was able to hang out and just listen. Jeremy plays in a group called the windward jazz trio and the play at Cisco's every thursday night. It was so much fun. Besides just getting to listen to the group who are really good they had people come and sit in and it turned into a big party. There was a man there that looked like he was about 100 years old and Jeremy new him a bit and said he was a great conga player. Well he had hi congas and sat in on ST. Thomas and they brought the house down!!! I can't remember enjoying one of Jeremy's gig's so much!

He also plays at a place called Ward Rafters on Sunday. It is really an old lady's house that has had the attic converted into a type of studio/club. The room is big and they just have a bunch of chairs and tables and couches everywhere. Her husband was a very talented bass player who traveled the world p[laying until they ended up here in the Honolulu symphony. he passed away a few years ago but she is still heading up these jam/concerts and going strong! She loves Jeremy and was telling me he reminds her of her husband, just a big husky bass down to earth farm boy who can really play the bass. I had to pause and think a min. (did she just say big and husky?) When Jeremy and I were first married he weighed in at a whopping 140 lbs and he is 6' 1" so needless to say I never thought I would here him described as big and husky lol!! We took Lorenzo with us and he did really well considering it is Lorenzo. He really liked the sax player.

On an exciting note, Lorenzo lost his first tooth last week. He just made 5 so we were a bit surprised he lost it so early but he is very excited. I was trying to pull it out when he said "let me try mom" and just reached in there and grabbed it out! He has another loose one so he thinks he is going to be rich after another visit from the tooth fairy. He asked if I could pull them all out so he could have lots of money!! He is so funny!!!

Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday my sister called and told me to watch NBC nightly news as they were going to have a segment on children with bipolar. So I was able to watch it on their website and was so angry after! The first half was the same old stuff, the rages the tantrums we know all to well but they had a psychiatrist on that said "in a nut shell" that parents who are medicating their children are abusing them and that we are chemically altering their brains. Bipolar is thought to be because of a chemical imbalance, and we are medicating our son now but only after A LOT of research and trial and error with other things. I would like to tell this doc. to take a look at my son now after the meds! We have our son back! The medication has not taken the illness away but has made it more manageable. Lorenzo is now able to go to school (although it is still not easy) and to play with his friends. He is not screaming and tantruming all day long and I mean all day long! Here is the link if any of you would like to check it out or click on the ? box at the top\cc6aa-160d-431b-a660-942ec9457756

On a lighter note my sister Olivia is out for a visit. It has been so much fun and the boys LOVE her plus I love having her here too. We have been to the beach and the pool and are just enjoying our summer so far!

Friday, June 1, 2007

Never trust quiet! We were reading scriptures a little early yesterday as Jeremy had to leave for a gig. Riley and Lorenzo were upstairs with us and we thought Liam was on his way but it was a little too quiet. I sent Jeremy down to get him and there was a trail of mud from the back door to the laundry room. He was a mess but happy! We all had a good laugh!

Lorenzo is going in to get his PT tubes removed and his ears cleaned out Monday. They are so bad that they have to put him under to do it. Well as if that was not exciting enough Olivia, my sister, is comming out to surprise the boys and her flight gets in at noon. The doctor promised me that I would be finished by then. I am keeping my fingers crossed! As soon as I get Olivia we have to pick Riley up from school rush back home because Lorenzo has an IEP meeting with his old school and his new one that we could not reschedule. poor guy has to sit thru that after being put under a few hours before. Jeremy will be in Midway for some navy thing so I will be flying solo. I am just so thankful I was able to find someone to get Riley to school and to watch Liam! (Huge thanks to Lindsey and Debbie)