Wednesday, August 15, 2007


We were able to spend most of July in Utah and it was so much fun seeing everyone! The kids and I had not been back for over 2 years. Almost all of Jeremy's family was there including his brother who has been stationed in Japan. The kids had so much fun getting to know their cousins better, they really wanted to stay longer!

Well the trip back home was fun but that is not to say that it did not go off without a hitch. The night we left Jeremy and Lorenzo were in the emergency room because lorenzo had an ear infection. They had to leave before they even saw the Doctor so we did not miss our flight. As soon as we got to Utah I was on the phone trying to get him some medicine. Luckily Cara has a friend that was able to write us a prescription without having to spend all day in the ER again. A few days later Liam came down with some kind of eye infection but again we were lucky enough to be at my sisters and her husband was able to write us a prescription. The Sunday before we left we were at the Wards and all the family was there except one of Jeremy's Brothers and his family but there were a ton of people and kids everywhere. Riley was down stars playing with some of his cousins when Grandpas deer head that was on the wall fell and hit him in the head. One ER visit and a few stitches later he was back home and back to playing. We were glad to go home back to Hawaii, although we miss everyone, it is good to be back!

The Kids started school August 1st and they are doing well! Riley has his teacher from 1st grade and Lorenzo got the new kindergarten teacher. We are so relived that lorenzo likes her and is doing well! He has not even needed the special ed minutes they have allotted him. I hope this lasts!!!! Meanwhile Liam turned two! It has gone by so fast!!! He has missed his brothers now that they are at school but we are enjoying our time at home together and are having fun at home! it is so quiet but I have to say that it is a nice break.