Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Boys Day

On this day Japanese families celebrate Tango-no-Sekku, the Boys' Festival. With its special customs and observances, it is Japan's way of celebrating the healthy growth and development of her young boys. We clebrate this holiday along with girls day now that we live in Hawaii. it is a big deal at their school and the boys came home with lots of traditional Japanese treats including kakai mochi and other things we have grown used to. So go love your boys today! As a side not when I first heard of this holiday I thought it was a joke. It was not untill I had all of these wonderful goodies and treats brought to me on March 3rd (Girls Day) that I realized there really was such a thing as Girls Day and Boys Day.

Sunday, May 4, 2008

Surprise Visitor

We got a call a few nights ago from a man trying to find the home of Jeremy and Briana Ward well it turned out to be a friend of ours from Rhode Island, Don Loomis who’s ship had just pulled in and wanted to hitch a ride to church on Sunday. It was fun to see him and catch up on how his family is doing. It is amazing how fast time fly’s. I had his oldest daughter Lindsey for girl’s achievement and now she is 12. They gave us one of our first introductions to life in Hawaii when Lindsey brought in a picture of herself and sister picking up giant slugs with chopsticks.