Monday, May 5, 2008

Happy Boys Day

On this day Japanese families celebrate Tango-no-Sekku, the Boys' Festival. With its special customs and observances, it is Japan's way of celebrating the healthy growth and development of her young boys. We clebrate this holiday along with girls day now that we live in Hawaii. it is a big deal at their school and the boys came home with lots of traditional Japanese treats including kakai mochi and other things we have grown used to. So go love your boys today! As a side not when I first heard of this holiday I thought it was a joke. It was not untill I had all of these wonderful goodies and treats brought to me on March 3rd (Girls Day) that I realized there really was such a thing as Girls Day and Boys Day.


flutietoot said...

That's great that they have these 'unique" holidays. When we moved to Minnesota, they celebrate May Day on May 1st. Baskets are decorated with some goodies in it. The person giving the basket will ring the doorbell and run so you don't know who gave it to you. Growing up in Utah, we didn't do that, maybe they did in other parts of Utah, but in the small town of Tremonton, it didn't happen. So every year we get a May day basket and every year, like clockwork, I forget about it. Here's to next year and hopefully I remember.

Blake & Catherine Potter said...

Thanks!! We'll be here for 4 months. I hope you guys are doing great!