Wednesday, June 11, 2008

As summer has officially begun out here I have to say that while I thought it would bring more time at home and less running around all over town I WAS WRONG!!! Aside from our regular 2+ doc. appointments a week for Lorenzo everyone got this nasty virus and I have had some kind of doctor appointment 8 times in the last 10 days. While Monday’s was not planed and the nearly 5 and ½ hrs at the ER were not fun I only had Liam (who had a double ear infection) for most of it because Jeremy was able to come up and get the kids after he got home from biking to work. Funny he has been biking to work to try and save us in gas but a lot of the time he finds himself jumping in the car after his ride home to come and meet us at some appointment.

On the bright side I cancelled Lorenzo’s appointment yesterday as a good friend, Shelle Napier whom we met while in RI was here. We were able to go to lunch and here is the kicker, Lorenzo and Liam stayed with a babysitter… per their request! It was so nice to be able to just visit and enjoy Shelle’s contagious laugh and not have to worry about the kids wanting to go. It was so nice to see her, I hope our paths cross again!

Riley starts his summer class at the University of Hawaii tomorrow so I know that I should not even be complaining about running around town as that has not even started yet, but oh well, it is for a good cause. We are trying to work it so that Jeremy can drop him off in the a.m. before work so that I will not have to stay up there all day with the kids and wait. I do not now about you guys but gas here is 4.12 and that is for unleaded, we are trying to cut back on our needless driving although we do not do much of that. I guess we could stop violin lesson that are also down town but Lorenzo is really starting to love it and it seem times when that kid is happy are few and far between so we will press on!


Lisa said...

Gas is ridiculously expensive here too, and I hear ya on summer being busier than the school year. I'm dreading all the driving I'll be forced to do in a couple of weeks. That's great you got to see Shelle though, I bet it was fun to catch up.

Blake & Catherine Potter said...

that's a funny, but sad, picture! I guess in AZ we have the lowest gas prices, its at 3.50 i think. Wow 4$, I never woulda thought. Looks like you're BUSY!!! All good tho, enjoy it!

Sheila said...

Boy, we love our truck, but it's just drinking that gas like water. David has discovered moth balls. Dad Ward told us to put old fashioned moth balls in the tank with the gas for a little help. I don't know if it's working, but the garage reaks of moth balls! But...I have to say, we have it bad in the states, but in the rest of the world, it's even worse. I have a good friend from Scotland. She said she did the math and money conversions to find out that they are paying over $8.00 per gallon in US Dollars over there!!!!!!!!!!!! Now, that's crazy.
Don't you just love Shelle? We had a day or so with her, too, and it was so great!

Jessica said...

Glad to see you blogging again...I was wondering how you were doing. :)

The Lockharts said...

When Sam filled up the van the other day I asked when he was going to get a second job to pay for gas! I don't know but if I am shelling out $80.00 I would like to be eating it or wearing it if you know what I mean :o) Ah well, such it is. How great that Lorenzo is learning, and loving, the violin. how is he doing lately?

Amy :o)

flutietoot said...

that picture says it all, and ain't that the truth. We're almost up to $4/gallon. Right now, it's holding steady at $3.87.

Tell everyone hello and give all your kiddo's a hug and a kiss from Aunt Janus and Uncle Grant. Oh, Alexis says hi and we all miss you guys.

Tell Riley to have fun at his camp, Lorenzo with his violin and Liam to have fun just being Liam.