Monday, June 16, 2008

Ward Choristers

I have not sung in many choirs but have played in many bands, orchestras, groups etc and while playing I have never had a conductor take a repeat or section that is similar in cut time or change the tempo dramatically unless it was called for in the music. So why is it that choristers in church feel like they need to mess around with the tempo? This is one of my biggest pet peeves! I hate it when I am in church singing and enjoying the music and all of the sudden while singing Called to Serve the chorister decides to cut the tempo in half and half of the congregation is still singing it in the tempo we started and everyone is off not to mention it is almost painful to sing it that slow. Don’t get me wrong small tempo changes are fine and when it is appropriate but why cant people save their dramatic tempo changes for ward choir instead of while singing congregational hymns. It really takes away from the spirit of they hymns. Am I off in my thinking? Sorry but I had to get this off my chest thanks for letting me get up on my soapbox.


The Lockharts said...

I'll join you on your soap box and add ... Why is it that the Hymns are always what get cut short in the interest of time? Come on, what is 2,3, or even 5, more minutes of singing really going to do to the meeting schedule? I'd much rather sing long that listen to long talks. Whoops that sounds bad, oh well :o) We are in a ward right now where the norm is to sing only one verse of the closing Hymn. I miss singing.

Sheila said...

i agree! I hate it when the sacrament hymns, etc. are messed with, and when they're cut off in the interest of time....really HATE that! I could have a whole sacrament meeting with just singing the hymns and be a happy happy mormon! :)

Lisa said...

Maybe the choristers just have no idea what they are doing... Most of them are probably just up there doing the banana arm wave, which is what I do when somebody calls me on the spot to lead the music.