Friday, January 29, 2010

Autism and Vaccinations No Link!!! Can we move on now!

This is such a sensitive issue for many people but I can tell you that the majority of parents that I have met believe there is no link between autism and vaccinations. It is very frustrating for me because I feel like so much money and energy has been wasted with this and that money could have gone to real use trying to figure out how best to help these kids.

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Monday, January 11, 2010

I could not help but laugh my head off at this

Shorter And Sweeter: What The HELL is up With This Woman!?

The poor guy next to her.

Friday, January 8, 2010

Holiday pictures and update

Ok, I kept my word and am posting before the week ends. As I said this has been a busy past few months but it has been full of many fun activities and memories. Among the pictures listed are the Kids at a local ranch here on Oahu that specializes in Therapeutic Horse Riding and Lorenzo had an activity with his ABA group and the whole family was able to go. The kids loved it and Liam fell in love with Myrtle the goat who loved to eat tacos. We also said goodbye to Miss Mia, Lorenzo is already missing her but we know the new kids she is helping are loving her.

Let's see I think the rest of the pictures are pretty self explanatory Riley had a piano recital, Riley and Kya (good friend) got to get their boogie on for Thanksgiving, we have been enjoying our evening s'mores with all of our fantastic neighbors, so much that it is making it hard to think we will be moving this summer.

I hope everyone is well, we miss all of our friends and family that are on the mainland, Christmas always makes me a little homesick but we have been so blessed to have such wonderful friends out here. They really have become our "family".

p.s. The first picture is of "Lorenzo's " Christmas homework project. This came from lorenzo's main stream teacher and the packet explaining it was on even in his folder where it should have been. Instead it was crumpled and stuck at the bottom of his bag with a bunch of candy cane goop on it. Come on, she is supposed to make sure he puts his work where it belongs it's one of the many parts of his IEP. Not only did I not find this until Sunday when it was due Tuesday but this was way beyond what he is capable of. This land form diorama and 2 page report was supposed to be researched by him (HELLO! He can't read let alone go to the computer or Library and do the research) and then built by him. Needles to say I am wondering what grade I got on my Holiday Homework Project. (side note, he did sit on my lap as we googled all the info and he did help paste, glue, paint, and accessorize.)

Thursday, January 7, 2010

Still here

I'm still here. Things have been super busy but I am hoping to get some pictures from the Holidays posted this week. Now that I've put it in words I have committed myself. Hope everyone else is well. I have really been missing family lately, I think the new year and the move have got me anxious to be by David and Sheila and their kids and I also really miss my sisters and brothers. My brother Zach is just about finished with Basic Training and I am excited for him and his new career. I just wish I were closer so I could be near all of the action :)