Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Hail to the Cheif?

After Family home evening the other night Lorenzo was telling us that he is going to be a dentist when he grows up. We were talking about what kind of dentist he was going to be when Riley came in and said "guess what I want to be" I said a diver/oceanographer (that is what he last told us) and he said "No" that he want's to be President of the United States. Well Jeremy and I both looked at each other and said wow, we were kind of joking with him and asking him if he was going to take "president classes" in college and he said" no, I think first I will study law and then become a supreme court justice and then maybe run for governor or the mayor! Jeremy and I had to pick our jaws up off the floor! I knew he liked his social studies and economics class this year but it made a big impact on him!

As I have been going through my week I keep thinking about his new ambition and think "Riley, Go for it!!! You would make a great President!!!" I love my kids, all 3 (4 if you include Jeremy) future president or not they are number 1 in my book!

Olivia went home yesterday and the house seems empty without her. I know there are still the five of us here but we miss her. Liam has walked around asking for Wa-Wa (Olivia) and it makes me wish we lived closer to family. We will be out in Utah in a little over a week so we are not as sad as we were last year when she left.