Thursday, June 14, 2007

Yesterday my sister called and told me to watch NBC nightly news as they were going to have a segment on children with bipolar. So I was able to watch it on their website and was so angry after! The first half was the same old stuff, the rages the tantrums we know all to well but they had a psychiatrist on that said "in a nut shell" that parents who are medicating their children are abusing them and that we are chemically altering their brains. Bipolar is thought to be because of a chemical imbalance, and we are medicating our son now but only after A LOT of research and trial and error with other things. I would like to tell this doc. to take a look at my son now after the meds! We have our son back! The medication has not taken the illness away but has made it more manageable. Lorenzo is now able to go to school (although it is still not easy) and to play with his friends. He is not screaming and tantruming all day long and I mean all day long! Here is the link if any of you would like to check it out or click on the ? box at the top\cc6aa-160d-431b-a660-942ec9457756

On a lighter note my sister Olivia is out for a visit. It has been so much fun and the boys LOVE her plus I love having her here too. We have been to the beach and the pool and are just enjoying our summer so far!