Thursday, January 31, 2008

Stroller frustration

After a lot of thought I have decided it is time to get a new jogging stroller. The one I have is a double stroller and is on it's last leg. As Liam and I were running yesterday against the wind, feeling like I was dragging a parachute behind me, I realized that it was probably time to get a new one. The one I have now has been great and has logged many a mile with both kids but I am only pushing one now and it has been through a lot including the time Jeremy backed over it in the van (it had never been the same since). It has been making a strange clicking sound the last month or so and it seems to get harder to push everyday. I decided to look on craigslist to see if I could find a used one. There were a few that I email people about but they have all been sold. I forget that living here on the Island there is not a huge selection of stores to just go pick one up at. Most people buy them on the mainland and have to pay the huge shipping cost to get it over here. Needles to say it is making shopping for one a bit of a headache!