Thursday, September 18, 2008


(Warning, for any of you that are squeamish you may want to skip this post)

While I am so happy that Liam is independent and out of diapers it can sometimes be a little frustrating. He will no longer let me go into the bathroom with him. I'm not just talking the bathroom at home; this includes any type of restroom, which has proven to be fun. He is getting pretty good at wiping and washing but there are those moments. Jeremy’s Mom came out to lend us a hand this last week and I left Liam with her one afternoon when I had to take Riley to archery. I had just made some cookie dough and asked her if she would mind rolling them into balls and baking them while I was gone. Sometime during my outing Liam had to use the potty and I did not give Alice any warning as to what his little routine entails but she said he locked her out and did his thing and then she made sure he washed his hands. Sounds great right, well when I got home Liam and Grandma had just finished baking the cookies and Liam had dough all over his face. I thought he also had it all over the back of his shirt but on closer inspection this was something else that was brown but only smelled a lot worse. I am just thankful that the brown on his face was really cookie dough. Anyone want a cookie?


∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

Ahh, those things only moms can understand. Hooray for Liam. Isn't it so depressing and misleading that just because there are fabulous new 'products' for kids to use it doesn't really make it any cleaner or easier to perfect the process :)