Sunday, October 5, 2008


My mom is getting married this coming weekend and the plan was for me to fly out just for the weekend. The navy had other plans and had a gig that Jeremy could not get out of. With Jeremy not able to get anytime off that meant we had no sitter for the kids and I was not going to spend 3000.00+ dollars for the kids to come with me for a 3 day trip. My sister Mindy called on Monday and said she and her husband would let me and the kids use their frequent flyer miles and fly us all out. I was blown away at how generous they are. She said they were saving it up to come and see us again next spring but that they thought it was more important for us to be there at the wedding. The best part is that my mom still thinks that I am unable to come. I have been having a hard time keeping such a big secret and to make it worse the kids have to keep it a secret too. We have had numerous calls from younger siblings and my mom and I am almost as excited to surprise them as I am about not having to keep my mouth shut so I don’t spill the beans.

This is not the only secret I am currently keeping. My other (also very generous) sister is coming out in December. She wanted to go to Kauai and got Riley and I tickets to go with her. This is Riley’s Christmas present and he has no clue about it. I have almost blown this secret a number if times. I just hope I can make it to December.

I should mention that the biggest surprise (or miracle if you ask me) is that Lorenzo is doing great. He went 5 days last week without a single incident. There is no way I would be taking on surprise number one right now if this were not the case. Jeremy's mom flew out a few weeks ago to help us out with him and we ended up doing a med change at that time and it did not work at all so as a last ditch effort the doctor took him off of everything and put him back on his old medication but on a higher dose. The next day we got our Lorenzo back.