Wednesday, January 28, 2009

two extremes

I know I have posted about our Lorenzo before so if you don't want to hear another purge you might want to skip this one (I am writing mostly for myself anyway). Yesterday was report card day and the kids had their 2nd quarter awards ceremony at school. As usual Riley came home with his backpack full of certificates and an impressive report card and Lorenzo... well he came home:) I feel it hard sometimes to focus on how well Riley is doing because it is always shadowed by how "not well" Lorenzo is doing. I try and remind myself of the things Lorenzo has made progress in but then we have a day like yesterday ( 3+hr battle over homework and other things and then he ended up falling asleep in Jeremy's arms as he was talking to him) and it just takes the life right out of me. We are now looking at having to get an autism and behavioral specialist to come and tutor him. I know the potential is in there I just do not know how to access it and it seems like the school is not having any success either.


∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

You guys are doing so awesome. I am trying hard to concentrate on the moments right now and that moment of sleeping peacefully in Daddy's arms was sweet to read about. I hope the tutor helps with some of the other moments :)

Thank you for your prayers and thoughts. Your comment on our blog lifted my spirits.

Amy :o)

Rhode Island Kohls said...

We didn't have autism issues, but I know how you feel, we had some kids who did really well in school, and then we had others who did not. I also felt bad that we didn't go all gaga over the kids who got all the awards and all A's and the ones who didn't do as well. As time went by they are all finished with school ( well Julia, Spencer and Bethany are still in school and doing well) the one who had issues is gainfully employed and is doing well, he loves his job, is married and has a little one. Keep your chin up everything will work out , but is sure is hard when you are in the trenches and little guys come home from school unhappy.