Sunday, March 15, 2009

Sick of Sick

Lorenzo is still sick. We took him in to the doctor yesterday because he was complaining that his ear hurt, I also wanted them to listed to his lungs as the morning before he woke up and was choking on all of his congestion. He stopped breathing for a couple of seconds it scared me so bad I almost called 911. He pulled out of it an started to sound better so I made an appointment for the next day (they could not get him in then) Well, the doctor could not see anything in his ears because they are so impacted. He then told me this was most likely what was causing him pain. I tried to explain to him that Lorenzo's ears are almost always impacted and the last time they tried to clean them out they had to put him under and do it in the OR. I also tried to tell him that he had been sick for 3 weeks now and he basically told me that that was not possible. He told me to go home with him and wash his ears out with water to try and dislodge the wax. They were not able to get a temp. on him because Lorenzo kept spitting the thermometer out and the doctor gave me the impression that he thought Lorenzo's lifelessness was just part of his autism diagnosis and not because he was sick. It was like he knew my kid better then I do.

He has been like a limp rag doll and still complaining that his ear hurts when talking at all. I have been giving him tylenol and syringing out his ear but he is not any better. He has done nothing but sleep and I have not seen him smile for a couple of days. We were going to try and get him an appointment today but I got a call this morning from our primary president letting me know she was not going to be there so I felt like I had to be at church today. Lorenzo slept all thru sacrament and was kind of out of it for the rest of primary. When we got home I took his temp. while he was sleeping and it was 101.5 and this was in his armpit. I was not able to get an appointment today and as Jeremy had to work I was not about to take him and the other kids up to the ER where they would probably bring home some other illness. We are going in again tomorrow, but the wax is still there so I am not sure what to expect. I just wish I knew why Lorenzo gets so sick all the time. He has been referred up to infectious disease doctors and they were never able to find anything, he has been seen by an allergist and again they could not find anything. I know lots of kids get sick but Lorenzo get's SICK. If we all have a cold Lorenzo will end up with low oxygen saturation and need breathing treatments. He will then have the cold for 3-4 weeks if not longer and it will completely wipe him out. He will sound like a coffee percolator and look like he has been hit by a truck.

Sorry to vent, I sometimes feel like this kid has it hard enough, and wish I could take some of it from him.


onedayatatime said...

I found a fabulous product this year called Nature's Way Sambucus. Do you want me to send a bottle to Lorenzo? It is Elderberry extract. I first looked at it for Michael's 31 planters warts (for which I don't think it did a darn thing) but it is supposed to boost the immune system. I am not kidding that if one of my kids gets sick, they take this a couple time and it is gone. Maybe it would give a little kick to his immune system -- just a thought. I don't care if you don't want it, but I would be glad to send you some. It has truly saved me this year with Jonathan gone. I'm sorry the doctors are not giving credit to your knowledge as his mother ... like you aren't going to know about your own child! Poor Lorenzo ... I keep thinking that little boy must have amazing things coming to have had these trials. Or, possibly catching everything now means he'll have an incredibly healthy adult life!