Monday, July 20, 2009

Fun with my brother

My brother Zach came out for a visit last Monday and we have been having a good old time. For those of you who do not know my brother he is really in shape (he is a personal trainer) and he wanted to do a lot of the trails and hikes out here.

We started out his visit with a 4 mile run and a little work out at the park we have so lovingly named the bum park (don't ask). He tried to convince me to go with him when he hiked up Olomana also known as Hawaii's Matter Horn, I had to pass on this as I was sure I would not make it and would end up ruining his hike, lol.

We did a few smaller trails out here with the kids and then today decided to do Diamond Head, which we have done many times, and Koko Head Crater. Diamond Head is not a big deal and is quite an easy hike. We just had Riley and Liam and they both did great. We then went over to Koko Head and let me just say that it kicked my butt! I have driven by it many times and never thought it looked that difficult but that was because i was no ON it. It is a strait climb up about 1200 stairs. Well I am not sure if you can really call them stairs. They are railroad ties and it is quite steep and more like straddling 3 steps at a time. Riley went first and Zach went behind him to keep an eye on him. I was with Liam taking up the rear and thought we would be fine. let's just say that I got to watch my awesome brother climb the whole way with Liam on his back. Zach even came back a couple of times at the beginning to help me with Liam. There is a section of bridge that is a bit intimidating, the railroad ties go across a gulch of maybe 15-20 feet and a lot of the ties are not in very good condition or are missing. Zach managed it with Liam and I held my breath the entire way. The views from the top were amazing, much better then the views from Diamond Head. My legs feel ok now but I bet I am going to be feeling it in the morning.

He leaves tonight and we are going to miss him, but I am glad my body is going to have a chance to rest :)

Here are a few pictures I had to take of the web as i forgot my camera every place we went. (Those who don't know, I am terrible at remembering to bring it)


Angela said... are wonderwoman in my eyes. I would have died. Im glad your brother could come out here. He really did seem like a great guy and not to mention could be your twin ;)
Oh and I loved what he did to Lorenzo's hair.