Thursday, September 6, 2007

I guess it happens to everyone?

Well, I had quite a scare yesterday. I was up at one of the community centers registering the boys for a couple of classes yesterday and we lost liam!! There were a ton of people there not only for the registration but for soccer too (I think there were about 6 different games going on) The park is huge and as i was waiting in line the boys were off to the side playing on the playground. When it was my turn to go in I told Riley to watch liam for 2 min. while I turned in their papers. Riley is usually pretty responsible but I guess he got distracted. in the min and a half that I was inside Riley and Lorenzo came walking in asking if I had seen Liam. I just dropped everything, left the stroller there blocking everyone and ran out to look for him. I did not have to look far because when I got a few feet outside a nice lady was holding his hand as he was walking and shouting Ma Ma Ma. He saw me and just gave me a big smile and said MA!!! He was not fazed by it in the least. I was scared out of my mind on the other hand. I know it could not have been more then 30 second from the time I knew he was missing to the time we found him but I had all sorts of things running through me head. I kept thinking just call the police there is no way you are going to find him with all these people, and at the same time was just praying asking the Lord to help me find him. Someone has been watching over us.

I thought I was doing pretty well while Jeremy has been gone. (He has been in Malaysia the last 2 weeks) but I guess not. I have never had to worry about the kids wandering off. Riley and lorenzo were both quite clingy and were always attached to me. Liam however is from a different mold. I am just glad he is ok!


The morning breaks said...


I didn't know that you were blogging. I've been having so much fun reading up on your experiences.

Looking forward to hearing more from you.