Thursday, September 20, 2007

Big Bugs

Ok, any of you that know me know that I hate bugs. I have tried not to make a big deal about it in front of the kids because I do not want them to grow up with the same fear. Hawaii has some big bugs. Big scary bugs. We have not had to many problems since we moved here 2 years ago but they have been doing some construction type work and cutting trees in our neighborhood this last week and we officially have a problem now! We have been going to bed and waking up in the morning to huge mouse size cockroaches and great big centipedes in various places around the house. Two mornings ago jeremy was in the Shower and Riley said there was a centipede on the ceiling in front of our bedroom door. He jumped out and in a towel was able to get it and take it outside and dispose of it (still in the bath towel) Then Lorenzo walked out of the other bathroom and said"Dad, I thought you said you found a centipede? It's a cockroach!" There was a great big cockroach on the bathroom wall. There was also one in Liam's toy farm, Lorenzo's play clothes, my dresser, Jeremy's suitcase, one crawled out of the bathroom sink last night and again another centipede downstairs this morning. And this is just the last 2 days. I feel like I am in a horror movie! They can't spray until October 2 so I am off to home depot this morning to see what I can find to get rid of them!


Holly said...

That bug is disgusting!