Sunday, October 7, 2007

Conference Weekend

I Love conference weekend. Not only is it a weekend that Jeremy is home, I like staying in my p.j.'s and laying on the sofa with the kids hearing the uplifting talks. it get's me motivated to be better! I guess I am a slacker, but I need to hear these things over and over again to keep myself close to the Spirit. One thing I have really enjoyed is the motab. I have never liked choir very much and the organ is my least favorite instrument. I remember sitting through an organ recital at USU by Dr. Drake and trying really really hard to just stay awake. At any rate, I have really enjoyed the Choir and the organ these past 2 days. I guess I must be growing up. The kids have been good and have been doing their conference workbooks thanks to a friend from RI and we have just been having an enjoyable weekend!

The only down side to our weekend is that Lorenzo is sick AGAIN. I think the longest we have ever gone with him not having something is about 2 months and that was only once in his entire 5 and a half years! I know that stress and anxiety can weaken your immune system but I just do not know if there is more going on. I have tried to find a link to bipolar and poor health but nothing so far. I guess I should not be to worried they are usually just colds but when he gets a cold they are bad. We have to pull out the nebulizer and he just gets really sick. We can all have the same cold here but Lorenzo will be 10 times worse then the rest of us. And it is that way with every little illness. I wish I could figure it out. I think I might take him back to the allergist and see if we should still pursue looking into food allergies even though we have already been that route before. Oh well, maybe eventually I'll know more.


Sheila said...

Ditto that! I love conference weekend. Great and awesome conference this time, and wow! LOVE the Tabernacle choir! :) Maybe someday we can be closer and watch conference together. :)

Briana Ward said...

That would be so much fun to live by family again. Wow, we have not been by each other for about 9 years. Riley misses his cousins!