Thursday, October 18, 2007


Ok, this may sound a little pathetic but I miss socks. Now I know that I have never really worn socks, even in the super cold blizzardy weather of RI but now that I have not had on a pair in over 2 1/2 years I really miss them, So last night I put some on. They were some really soft chocolate brown chenille socks that I do not think I have ever worn and must have been some impulse buy at T.J. Max in RI. I had a primary presidency meting at our house last night and I am sure I looked a little silly with my socks but who cares, I enjoyed it.

It is not only sock's on my own feet that I miss but it is putting socks on Liam. Riley and Lorenzo have to wear them for p.e. and they are not as much fun to dress any more, but Liam is still small and I was thinking I wanted to get him a pair of Chucks and if I did that I would also have to by some socks. I got really excited about this (Maybe something is wrong with me) but then had a reality check when I remembered that he has never even owned a pair of shoes with laces and that he is particular about what he has on his feet. Blue crocs with buzz jibbits or his red crocs with buzz jibbits are all he will wear. I was letting him wear them to church because I did not want to deal with the fight of getting him t o wear his cute little gymboree sandals but I have been putting my foot down and telling him he has to wear his church shoes if he wants to go to nursery. It has been working so maybe I can do the same if I decide to get him some real shoes!

The other thing I miss is fall. I miss that crisp feeling in the air. I miss the colors. I miss my fall and winter clothing. I was wearing my jacket in the house a few days ago much to the kids confusion, but it just felt good and it needed to be worn. We keep it pretty cool in here (Jeremy's doing) so I could dress in my sweaters, turtlenecks and corduroys in the house but then I would have to do a complete wardrobe change when it came time to go outside.

I do love Hawaii, but I always have loved the seasons and going on 3 years without them I am a little homesick!


flutietoot said...

I LOVE SOCKS!!! Anybody who knows me, knows that when I go shopping for anything, I'll buy SOCKS!!!!

I have a HUGE place in my dresser devoted only to socks. As I get ready for the day and pick out my socks, I think to myself "I really have an obsession" buy hey, WHO CARES!!!

Ask Sheila, The one thing I asked her to get me from the 100 yen store was, yep you guessed it...SOCKS!!

I'm glad you are enjoying your socks, especially in presidency meeting. Hee!! Hee!!

Briana Ward said...

I thought of you last night Janus as I was looking through my sock drawer that has not been open in quite a while. I was thinking about your socks with the toes!

Holly said...

I am sad you don't get fall - it is my favorite time of year. I LOVED it in Rhode Island. Nathan and I would take walks up to Cold Stone and crunching all the leaves was SO fun.

onedayatatime said...

That is how I felt in San Diego, too. I really like it there but after a while, missed the seasons, especially fall. I remember one day passing by this solo tree with fallen leaves and I smelled that smell of fall. I didn't quite remember what it was, but when I smelled it I stopped and just kept breathing it in. It smelled wonderful! Finally it clicked ... ah ... the smell of autumn! It was then that I realized how much I missed it! Socks were always such a huge part of Riley and Lorenzo's outfits, so I can imagine you would totally miss dressing Liam in the same way!

Sheila said...

So, is everyone wishing they were visiting us right now? Yep, it's beautiful and the trees are all colors and the sunsets are gorgeous and the autumn smell is everywhere! I love it! :) Wish you could all come and have Thanksgiving with us.

I'm with all of you on the socks...I have been wearing my Halloween socks. Jackson loves to point to the designs on them, then he tries to bite my toes inside... love socks!