Friday, October 26, 2007

Ok, seeing as I have been tagged twice I guess i am going to have to think of some things you guys do not already know about me. I think I am kind of boring, I am going to really have to rack my brain.

1. I spent 3 hrs on Wed. with a scrub brush and some Mr.. Clean scrubbing gecko poo off the front of our house. It made me sick every day when I would go out the front door and so I started avoiding the front and would go out the garage. Well, enough is enough and I decided to reclaim my front door.

2. I love to read in the bath tub. This is the only place I can ever seem to have uninterrupted time to read. It is not unusual for me to be in there over an hour with whatever I am reading right then. Riley and Lorenzo are not allowed in so I only have to fend off liam for my private time.

3. I love to look at catalogs! I dog ear all the pages and dream shop (although i hate to shop if it is not on the computer or "in a catalog") I rarely ever buy anything but nonetheless i still love to dream!

4. I hate our dog. OK, so I know I am the one that talked jeremy into letting us get a dog and I am glad that we have her because the kids love her but........ she drives me nuts!!!! Once when she got out and we could not find her i was secretly thinking "good" and reluctantly went to find her.

5. I love pie. It is my favorite food. Whenever I make pie i always make 2 so I can eat it for breakfast the next few days. The kids will not eat it unless it is chocolate ,so as long as Jeremy is not up late raiding the fridge there is usually leftover pie for the next few days.

6. I once participated in "the Milk challenge" while in high school. I know, I hate milk, this did not help the fact either. For those of you who do not know about the milk challenge it is where you have to try and drink a gallon of milk in under an hour. It can't be done. One kid dyed his milk green so that when it came back up it would be more colorful. We had a huge bucket and after a while everyone started vomiting in this big bucket. It the most disgusting things I have ever done, I do not know what got into me.

Ok so I guess I am going to have to tag all you guys again, Holly, Janus and Cindy and maybe Lisa, Bethany and Catherine


Sheila said...

Um, I would like to know how you eat pie for breakfast and still look as beautiful as you do? I would be 200 pounds if I did that! :) I love all those fun things about you! I think it's funny how different our husbands are and yet how exactly alike they are. They really could be twins! David raids the fridge every night. He always gets the munchies! I remember in college, before Jeremy met you, he used to turn on the oven, open it a little, stand in front of it, and just chew on raw spaghetti noodles. I thought he was very strange! Hee hee.

Briana Ward said...

Thanks for the tag Sheila, i had fun reading everyone's lists too. I feel like I know you all better now! p.s. jeremy no longer stands in front of the oven, i do not know if it is the heat out here or his extra weight that helps keep in warm now. He still has other strange habits though!

onedayatatime said...

Is it truly not possible to drink a gallon of milk in an hour, because it sounds like you could do it. It is a proven fact that you can't do it? I magazine daydream, too. It is awfully fun.