Wednesday, November 21, 2007


Riley had his first ever Archery Tournament yesterday. I am sorry I do not have any pictures but I forgot my camera, I wish I'd had it as it was so much fun to see him with the huge bow! A friend of mine took some pictures of Riley so if she emails them to me I will post them later.

Riley has been taking archery classes for the last 3 month and this tournament was with about 6 other groups on our side of the island. Riley was in category D (9 and under) and he scored 72 points yesterday which was about 8 point shy from getting a medal. He was very excited and it was fun to watch all of the kids. I have never been to anything like it and It was amazing to see how good some of the kids were! Liam was a little crazy and was driving everyone nuts including the coaches and other kids. I think I need to get him a leash! But other then that it was a so much fun.

Thanks to everyone for their congrats and phone calls. I have to tell Jonathan and Cindy it was nicest way to wake up and I was glad for their early morning call! The only thing is it was a little bitter sweet as we wish it was Jeremy and David but we know it will happen soon. Jeremy found out he scored a 70 and that he was the cut off so we feel very blessed!


flutietoot said...

congratulations for what? Grant and I are a little to enlighten us.