Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Poor boy!

Riley has been complaining if a stomach ache for about 2 weeks and I did not think much of it. I really thought he was just trying to get out of eating dinner. Well, last night He woke up at about 1:00 a.m. crying that his stomach hurt. I asked if he felt like he was going to be sick or needed to use the bathroom and he said no, so I gave him some tylenol and put the heating pad on his little belly and he fell asleep. He woke up today and said he felt better and wanted to go to school so I took him and made an appointment for this afternoon. We ended up going in earlier as I got a phone call from the school nurse, who is so nice, saying Riley was in her office complaining of a tummy ache. I picked him up and we went right to the Doctors. After a long wait and some x-rays the Doctor came to the conclusion that he has gastritis or an ulcer. They are both treated the same way so she sent us home with some zantax and told us to come back in 2 days to see if he is any better.

I feel so bad that I did not take him seriously! Riley is not sick very often so I should have known and not waited until he was up in the middle of the night crying! What a "bad mom" as Lorenzo would say!

Well, this has been a week of Doctor's appointments. Lorenzo had one yesterday and they have made yet another Med change, We hope this works better then the last. Liam had his developmental assessment and has another one on Thursday. And I have been on the phone a ton trying to find a therapist for Lorenzo. I hope December lets up a little!!!!


onedayatatime said...

Poor Riley! I didn't know kids got ulcers. What do you know about that! Tell him we hope he feels better soon. Why does Liam need an assessment and why does Lorenzo need a psychologist? Doesn't he go for therapy with his psychiatrist? You poor thing ... that is just one thing after another!

Rhode Island Kohls said...

When our son Ian was 11 on Easter morning, he complained of a tummy ache, I thought he had had to much candy, we had our hunt on Saturday, so there was plenty. So I got him up for church, and then he didn't want to sing with the primary. ( He stood head and shoulders above the other children, and his voice was at least an octave lower) I made him go sing. He walked right out of the chapel and up to the mothers room. (It was not connected to a ladies room) He lay down on the couch. By the way, Gary was Bishop at the time. A sister wanted to nurse her baby and there was Ian taking up the whole couch. She had to go elsewhere, with grumbling. When we got home he still didn't feel well. To make a long story short he had to have his appendix our. Boy did I feel guilty. We sat on a hot appendix for over a day.

Lisa said...

We went through a similar issue with annabelle, but it was major constipation (that was a fun x-ray). You shouldn't feel bad, a stomach ache is such a common complaint and usually there is nothing wrong.

Briana Ward said...

I am so glad it was not his appendix! Poor Ian, he must be a tough kid! I was thinking that it might be constipation as I remembered Katie Hilton in R.I. was having the same problem. How long did it take Annabelle to feel better? He is feeling better today and that is always comforting!