Sunday, December 2, 2007

Music that hurts your ears!

We signed up or were forced into signing up for our wards Talent show/Christmas party in a couple of weeks so we decided that Riley would play the piano and Jeremy would accompany him on the bass. Well I decided to get my trumpet out and play a little and wow, I stink! It is probably only the 3rd time I have played it this year, but as I have not had any trumpet students out here I have really lost it. Jeremy was getting on me every time I would miss something (plus I was transposing and not very well) and to make a long story short I ended up crying. It really was not Jeremy, I was just upset that I could no longer play like I used to. It is strange that something that used to be so natural and such a big part of who I am is now something I do not even think much about. It made me a little sad. I am going to have to start practicing again, I just need to figure out a way to work it without Liam, he hates it. Oh, well I may have to wait until he starts preschool next year.


Sheila said...

You just said everything I always say about the musician in me. I can't say that I'm a musician anymore, I haven't played in years. Jacob used to just hate it and would grab onto the slide on my trombone and try to pull it off. I just always tell myself that someday I'll dust off the old horn and play until my lips turn to jelly, which wouldn't be too long!

flutietoot said...

Alexis has always told me that she likes it when I perform, but not when I practice. I try to tell her that by practicing really hard at home helps me do a good job in the performance. I think she is getting the idea, now that she is taking piano lessons.

It has really helped for me to have flute students and most recently I have been asked to play a little bit in the community, which has made me get out and work my flute chops.

I do have to admit, I love playing and glad that I have these opportunities come to me.