Tuesday, December 11, 2007

What a sneak!!!!

Jeremy is not very much fun at Christmas as he is a really big sneak and likes to ruin surprises. Last week he was up in the present stash and found a CD I was giving him. If that was not bad enough he then got onto the history on our computer and found the other gift that he is getting. He is like this every year and so I try to really do a good job of hiding things or when they are wrapped I put them in strange boxes or cover them with bubble wrap before wrapping so he has a harder time while he is snooping and shaking. I was really upset about this one though. I never thought that he would go through the history on the computer. I made special effort to delete all the emails because I know he looks through my email but he still managed to find out. What a stink!!! He is much worse then then kids.

On a better note Lorenzo is doing GREAT!!!! We started a new medication a few weeks ago and he is like a new kid, or I should say like the kid we always knew he was. he has been happy and has only had a few minor meltdowns which don't five year olds do that anyway sometimes? He still has a lot of anxiety and has been crying some at school but he is making leaps of progress as far as his moods and behavior are. He has just been a joy to be around!!!! We are so thankful that things are going well for him. It is just nice to see him happy and upbeat, not to mention having fun!


onedayatatime said...

Oh boy, that is such great news about Lorenzo!!! Maybe this is the magic one for him!