Saturday, December 15, 2007

What a week!

All I can say is I have made it thru the night now I just hope today is better. We have been battling some terrible stomach bug the last few days. Liam started this whole thing on Wed. and is still throwing up. He ate a little last night and it all came back up in our bed last night.

Jeremy came home from work yesterday and did not leave the bathroom for a few hrs. I am sure half the neighborhood heard him hacking away. At about 3:00 he looked awful and was saying he wanted to go the the E.R. Well my first response was not a very nice one. I told him that stomach bugs were bad and he was going to feel terrible. Well, I ended up taking all the kids in the car and driving him to the doctors office. He told me he could not walk and that he needed a wheel chair and I told him he had to walk. Ok you now know how mean I am. It is just that when Jeremy gets sick or hurt he tends to be a bit of a baby about it. I guess I still have memories of being pregnant with Liam and making trips back and forth from the bathroom to the kitchen making Christmas dinner 3 years ago. Well to get back to the story, Jeremy made it into the clinic and they took one look at him and put him in his much wanted wheel chair and took him to do some blood work and get an IV started. I took the kids back home to see if I could drop them off at a friends house but we got stuck in major traffic (got to love Honolulu at 4:00) I finally made it back home and dropped Riley and Lorenzo off at one of the best neighbors you could wish for! I promised that the boys were not sick and that it was just Liam and Jeremy so she did not have to worry about getting the other kids sick. She was so nice and I really am thankful to have such good friends.

I got back on the road to go see how Jeremy was doing and what the plan was going to be. I got there and they were starting his 2nd bag of fluid and he was starting to look a little better. After 3 bags of fluid, and a few shots I took him back home. he was still hacking most the way home but I was prepared, I had our little trash can for him to use. It was not a fun ride home, we again got stuck in traffic but this time I got to hear, and smell, Jeremy the whole way home. I dropped him off and went to pick up the boys. It was now after 7:00.

I got them home and fed them and then put them to sleep to be woke up by Lorenzo a few hours later. Yes, you guessed it, he now has the same wonderful stomach bug as liam and Jeremy. So after a long night and not a clean sheet or towel later here I am hoping that Lorenzo did not get the family that watched him yesterday sick and in turn get our whole ward sick. We have our Ward Christmas party today and needless to say we will not be in attendance. I was going to send Riley with the Same people that watched him yesterday but I do not dare take any chances.

The bad thing is Riley and Lorenzo were picked from the School to take a limo ride to see the Holiday lights with a few other students and I do not think they are going to make it now. Oh well I should be thankful that it is this week and not Christmas. I hope they will all be better by then And That Riley and I will not have it by then :)


Anonymous said...

Yuck, I am so sorry you all are sick, that really is the worst. I agree with you though, its definitely better to get it now than over Christmas.

onedayatatime said...

Jeremy called yesterday and said you had never cleaned up so much vomit in your life. Now that is a lovely thought! I hope you and Riley make it through unscathed. It always amazes me when a family gets sick but then certain members don't catch it. Speaking of keeping healthy, my sister taught me a great new food to eat -- raw sweet potatoes. Have you ever tried them? Cut into sticks, they taste very similar to carrots and are loaded with antioxidants. I hate sweet potatoes (cooked) with a passion but we tried it just today and I have to say they are rather tasty! She learned about that a a field trip to the produce section of the grocery store for one of her kids.