Tuesday, November 25, 2008

When I grow up....

Yesterday the conversation in the car was the favorite, when I grow up..... Well, I am sorry to say I missed the first part of the conversation but did catch the tail end as liam was saying he wants to be a Han Solo hat guy, aka star wars storm trooper, with a gun and black hands. Should I be worried?

I though I was a responsible mom. I do not let my kids run with scissors, they eat their veggies most the time (ok some time), I only let them pee in the bushes when we are all locked out of the house, and I have purell in my purse at all times. So when we first started having all of these boys I did not let them play with toy guns. Riley had no problem with this but when we had more then one little man around this started to get harder. Spoons and crayons started to magically transform into weapons and with 3 boys running around here I decided as I can't win it was better to join them. Well, poor Liam's life revolves around hat guys with guns and black hands (Thank you lego). Last week the poor boy cried for 20 min. because his hands are yellow (aka peach) and not black, Jeremy, the ever willing jokester, thought it would be funny to tease Liam and asked him if he wanted him to paint his hands black. Liam cheered right up only to start the water works again when I felt it was time for a grown up to step in and explain spray paint was not for body parts. I feel like I have been very tolerant, I did not make him dress up in the cute police officer costume that cost a small fortune (he refused to go trick-or-treating if he was not a hat guy) and went up and dug out his christmas present storm trooper dress up set and let him wear it for halloween. I call him hat guy and always am there to help him find his lego guys black hands and little guns but somedays I wish all the lego hat guys at our home would disappear into the balck hole that all of Jeremys stuff seams to vanish, i.e his watch, belts, hats, shirt (don't ask), and other various things that have gone missing, only I wonder if the black hole would do an exchange as I want Jeremy's missing stuff back.