Sunday, November 30, 2008

You heard it correctly

So most of you got my email about Scentsy and I am sure you are thinking it came from the wrong person but no, it was not a mistake, it did come from me. I know, I know, I said I hated these kind of consultant type buisnesses and that I would never, NEVER, do it so now is your chance to laugh at me and make me eat my hat.

In my defence I really do love the Scentsy products and I have been unconsciously selling them since I got home from Utah so I though I may as well become a consultant and help fund my new Sentsy obsession. I guess if I have learned one thing it is never say never lol.


onedayatatime said...

I'm no dream analyzer, but maybe it just puts you back in a time when things were so simple and it was just the two of you. Kids are so great, but there's alot to be said for the days of being young and in love!

Briana Ward said...

Makes sense to me! Maybe you have a new calling Cindy!