Friday, December 5, 2008

Don't wake me

Do you ever have dreams that stick with you all day, dreams that you just can't help but analyze to death because you just can not stop thinking about it? last night I had one of these dreams and when Jeremy tried to wake me this morning I was a little upset and tried to hit the magic play button in my head to no avail. But then as I laid in bed for a few min. I started to become a little distressed as to were my mind was in the wee hours of the morning.

I was dreaming that I was on a date with Jeremy only Jeremy was the Jeremy from 12 years ago. The 70 lb lighter version with hair. Even his voice was different in my dream (ok, this is what I think the root of the whole dream is about, because we had been watching home videos my sister made for us a few nights ago and one of them was from the Christmas Jeremy and I got engaged. We were all is shock because Jeremy's voice was so different back then) . As I was on my date with Jeremy from the past , Jeremy from the future, my now filled out with a little less hair and a deeper voice Jeremy, came in and I was caught! In my dream I was having a very real crisis. I really was enjoying my date with the past Jeremy and then when back to the future Jeremy walked in I was a little peeved at him for spoiling it. My dreaming mind was struggling with the question of who do I choose? Jeremy woke me before I ever made my decision but now I am stuck with my thoughts today and I just can't shake it. My decision while awake is a no brainer, I take my current Jeremy extra lb's and less hair and all, but why was this such a dilemma while in dream land????? I guess I will never know.