Saturday, December 27, 2008

Black Out

Last night the power went out Island wide. As if that was not interesting enough, I had dropped Jeremy off at a gig in Honolulu and took the kids back to church for a baptism. The power went out right before the baptism started. They ended up sending someone home for some lanterns and flashlights and the baptism went on. I have never been to a baptism in the dark and it was one I will remember as I am sure my kids will too. After it was all finished we had to brave the roads to go pick up Jeremy. The phone lines were all jammed and Jeremy could not get a hold of us to let us know the gig got canceledbecause of the black out and he had been waiting outside for us for about 2 hrs. We were listing to the radio on the way home and found out that during the storm (I forgot to mention that it was thundering and Llghtninging, is that a word? haha) 4 major lines in hard to access places had gone down. They were telling us to expect 10-12 hrs of darkness but I think they went on around 4:oo. I am just glad all our Christmas leftovers did not go bad lol.


Angela said...

Oh you sound like me that a panic. Jeremy was actually at Chuck E Cheese with the kids and one neighborhood kid....I was so worried about them....
I tried to go out and help him, that wasn't any help at all.