Monday, December 22, 2008

Scared to Death

Today we went to the NEX to finish our last minute Christmas shopping and to have a little breakfast. I was in line waiting for Riley's hot chocolate just a few feet away from where I left Riley at the food court table eating his breakfast. When I turned around our table, breakfast and mess was still there but Riley was no were to be seen. I immediately started to panic. Jeremy was not there and was meeting us. He would not have taken RIley without letting me know and I just froze thinking what am I going to do, where can he be who could have taken him. I have never been so sick in my life! And then Riley popped his head out from the little nook behind the table and smiled. Just then Jeremy came around the corner and I broke down crying. Never have I been so terrified. I took this picture to stop my self from ringing Riley's neck after we had had a little talk about not doing that ever EVER again.


onedayatatime said...

Oh my gosh, that is very scary. What a little prankster Riley is! Erin was not feeling well about a week ago and didn't want to go with me to take Michael to school. I was gone around 20 minutes and when I got back, I could not find her anywhere. I couldn't understand it and after looking for about 2 minutes, I got completely panicked ... but then found her asleep in her top bunk. I thought I had looked there but with all of her stuffed animals, I guess I didn't see her under the covers. Your stomach just sinks!

JAG said...

That is really scary. I'm glad everything turned out ok. BTW, Brianna, I LOVE the candle. Thank you so much!!! I hope that you guys had a Merry Christmas. Sorry we didn't call you on Christmas...we're just slackin' here in Minnesota. We plan on calling so stay tuned ok. Love you guys--