Monday, December 15, 2008

Silly, but the kids love it!

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While Lorenzo was watching this he asked me when I made the elf costumes? I said "what" and he asked if we did that last Christmas. I started to laugh, the poor boy actually thought that at one point i had dressed everyone up like an elf and made them dance. I don't think I am that persuasive lol!


JAG said...

That was so incredibly CUTE!!! I LOVE it. Thanks for sharing. We totally miss you guys and can't wait till we see y'all again.


Bennett family said...

That is so funny! A friend of mine did one of us as well. Didn't know I could dance like that! :)

Diane said...

Too funny about Lorenzo. Make sure you applaud his fabulous dancing skills! He didn't even remember he had it in him.