Sunday, April 13, 2008

Whoo, we made it

I am happy to report that we made it through 20 kids, 4 adults, 1 jump house, cake with red frosting from you guessed where and a dog that kept running away. The kids seemed to have had a good time and the adults were officially warn out by the end of it all but we made it through without any major complications. The pictures pretty well sum it up. The girls stuck together, Riley's friends that were boys (I was going to say boy friends but Jeremy would not like the sound of that) all stuck together and Lorenzo and his little friend kept to themselves away from the rest of the party but they were happy. Lorenzo only had 2 friends show up and I was worried that he was going to be upset but he did ok with it and did not really want to hang around all the kids anyway so it worked out well.

We invited about 12 kids but somehow had about 22 kids over including a 3 year old that came out of no where with no parents out looking for her. My Neighbor who we invited over with her husband and 2 little girls ended up having to help me a ton as Jeremy was not a lot of help, I do not know what I would have done without her, I am so fortunate to have her as a friend! Her husband knew the mystery 3 year old and apparently her parents just let her wander, I have never met them and only seen them out of the house a couple of times in a year and a half, but have seen the little girl all over the neighborhood, scary!

Lorenzo did well and we only had a few major melt downs so I would say that it was a success. I am sorry my last entry was so negative. I had just come from the doctors where we had been for 3 hrs as we had 2 appointment with 2 different doctors one of them who informed us that she was leaving next month for good so we were going to have to find a new therapist. Lorenzo had had a horrible day and the other kids we tired and hungry so I guess I was letting my day rub off on my post. It was not until later that I was able to really let the news that Jeremy was not leaving set in. I can now say that it was nothing short of a miracle for that to happen. We had been praying that he would not have to go and when they informed us that he was going we were still praying for something to happen so they would not send him. Granted, I would rather have Lorenzo doing well and not have that the reason that he was able to stay but I just don't have all the answers as to why things happen they way they do.

We had pretty much resigned to the fact that Jeremy was leaving and figured the Lord must have a reason for sending him and were just trying to get ready and prepared. Because of this, however, we did get Lorenzo on the EFP (exceptional family member) program that we had been procrastinating. I am a little embarrassed to say but when were approved for it I did not even know much about it and just set the packet in the huge Lorenzo file and did not worry much about it. it was not until after they told Jeremy that he was not going when they asked what category Lorenzo was and Jeremy said "I don't know" that we read through it all. Lorenzo is a category 3 which states no oversea duty. It is hard to think that just last week we were waiting to hear back from the detailer about orders to Japan so that Jeremy could get the ball rolling before he left and now we don't have to worry about orders to Japan or Jeremy leaving. All I know is that the Lord truly does take care of his children. We did not know if Japan was right or not so we had been praying that the Lord would direct us, that if Japan was not the right place for us that something would happen that prevented it from going through. I know we got our answer.

I am so thankful that today was fast Sunday as it gave me a chance to really reflect and think about all that has happened over the last few days. I can truly say that I can see the Lords hand in our lives and I am so humbled and thankful.


Sheila said...

David told me about the detailer wanting you guys to go to Japan. I have to say we were worried about that, too. You think 4 months is bad, those guys are gone ALL the time. It would'nt have been a good idea. I'm so glad you guys are doing good today and had a good party. Have a great new week! Love you guys so much!

Lisa said...

I just got back from our trip and caught up on your blog. I'm glad jeremy won't be leaving, what a great blessing for your family.

It looks like the party was a lot of fun, but I'm sure you're relieved it's over (that's how I always feel). I can't believe how tan your boys look, I guess living in hawaii will do that to you. After enduring another New England winter, everyone in our family is pasty white.