Monday, July 14, 2008

Fun without TV

We did it; we finally canceled our cable so we are now without TV. The kids were a little upset about our decision but when we told then the up side to this would be more time to spend as a family doing things like reading and playing games they were all for it. As we never did watch it that much it really has not been hard.

Last night we played Risk together and while I hate to play this with Jeremy (he will pick someone go after them and try to wipe them out and totally disregard his own mission, he has made many people extremely upset while playing games) it was a lot of fun. Riley ended up taking over the entire world and won. He was very excited and he ended up showing us his celebration dance that was more fun then the game in my opinion.


JAG said...

you're right--watching riley was ALOT of fun!!!

BTW, we've been without cable for more than a year now, and really don't miss it. If ever we get the 'itch' to watch some shows, they are on-line now, so it's really not that big of a loss for us. Glad you made the change.

As far as Jeremy and playing games--I'm right there with you. He's no fun playing Rook with, 'cause he bids so dang high OR he hords cards. Glad to know that Riley won, 'cause how else were we supposed to see his AMAZING happy dance.

Riley, I think you've found your calling in be a 'game winner' dancer, especially playing with your dad. LOL.

Love you guys--

∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

Brings back memories of Eurorails. We never knew there was anything 'mean' you could do in that game until Jeremy. You have to admit he is talented!

Bennett family said...

Good job to Riley! That game is so fun. It became even more fun when I actually beat my father-in-law at it! Glorious day! I'm considering doing without tv now. It's so expensive and we don't watch that much either. Let me know it goes living without it. :)