Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Their Back

I am happy to report that the Riley and Lorenzo had a great morning and seemed excited to get back to school. They had such a short summer break (only 6 weeks) but they seemed ready to be back. Lorenzo was happy and I hope it stays that way for a little while. As I was packing his backpack and getting all of his papers together last night I started to have what felt like an anxiety attack. I was reading what the expectation are for 1st grade and about homework policy and was thinking there is no way Lorenzo will be able to do this. We will be having another IEP meeting soon, and his requirements are different but it still makes me sad when I think he is not the same as all the other little boys.

He has not been very stable the last few months and they have almost tripled his meds. We are meeting today to do some med management and an EKG. I think they will be adding something else, as we cannot go up on his dose any more. His evaluations start on Thursday and I am hoping that will give us a better idea of his strengths and weaknesses so we can better know how to help him in school.

Riley is doing great, I think I sometimes take him for granted as a lot of our time and energy goes into Lorenzo. He got a hair cut yesterday and as he was sitting in the chair he looked so much like he did when he was a baby, I almost started crying at the barbers, I just cant believe he is growing up so fast.

Liam had his 3-year-old check up today and I am happy to report he is on the growth chart now!!! He is only in the 5th percentile but we will take what we can get. He is starting to talk a lot more and we are just working with the therapist now on diction and forming the words so that they are more understandable.

Jeremy and I celebrated our 10th anniversary yesterday and although we just went out for an early dinner we had a wonderful time. It was nice to have some time alone without the kids especially since when we got home it was a race to get everything ready for school and still fit in home evening.


onedayatatime said...

Oh my goodness, Riley look so tall (and handsome, too!). Is he tall for his age? It looks like his body has caught up to his adult size teeth!
I'm sorry to hear Lorenzo has been struggling. I had thought he was doing well this summer. And Happy Belated Birthday, Liam. You sure are a cutie pie!