Sunday, July 27, 2008

Giant Centipede

Centipedes just become part of life when you live in Hawaii, although I may not be as scared of them as I used to I still do not like them. At Church today while we were getting ready for sharing time Irene Draper our 1st counselor let out a little yell and said “centipede” We had one of our Valliant 10/11 teachers Franz Hoffman in there setting up and he came over to help take care of it. He had on closed shoes so I just though he would step on it a few times, so I was very surprised when he took out a pen and a thumb tac and started to remove its front pincers. Irene got him some scissors and he then cut the pincers off, picked it up and took it out side. He did not want to kill it. Brother Hoffman is a big man from Tahiti and is one of the kindest gentlest people I have ever met. He has really helped one of the boys in that class who was always in trouble and I would say it is nothing short of a miracle to watch the two of them and how much this boy has changed. I did not know exactly how kind and gentle he was until today, not many people would spare the centipede.


Rhode Island Kohls said...

I am sure glad that our "Island" doesn't have critters like that. That is one reason we can be thankful for winter, it kills all those nasty little critters. I have issues with critters with more than four legs. Except, of course, Lobsters, but then again I don't see those until they are dead and ready to eat.

Holly said...

What a tender hearted guy - I for one would have been screaming 'Kill It, Kill It!!' at the top of my lungs.