Saturday, July 26, 2008

Good Day

I do not know if it was because I had a couple of day’s off running or if it was just a good day but I hit a personal best running time today. I ran 7 miles in 63:45 and I even walked 1/8 of the mile at the end. Whatever it was, it felt good. I had to take a picture of it so Jeremy could see when he gets home from Kaua’i.. Today is technically Liam’s birthday but we celebrated it on Monday as Jeremy was going to be gone today. He had fun and has been calling himself “Jones” because my sister sent him an Indiana Jones hat and backpack. He is so silly, he just makes us laugh.


Louise Bergeron said...

So nice of you to include me in your people to look at your blog. The kids are grown so much and they're as cute now as they were when little. Blogs are a new thing for me, it started with Catherine and I guess soon I'll have one. Hope all is well in Hawaii. It's a great place. Are you there for long? Keep in touch,
Louise X0X

Briana Ward said...

We are set to be leaving sometime in the next year. We have really loved it here!! I have enjoyed reading Catherine's blog, your little grandson is so cute! Thanks too for forwarding Elder Bereron's email it has been so uplifting reading them! Look forward to talking more!