Monday, February 16, 2009

Great Aloha Run

First off I have to say that none of this would have been possible if it were not for the most amazing babysitter in the world! Elijah, a boy from our church came and spent the night so he would be here when Jeremy and I left in the wee hours of the morning to go and catch our bus downtown. Despite out efforts to be super quiet Liam still got up at 5:00 and poor Eli got up with him and played the wii with him so we could get out the door. It sure made it nice to not have to worry about the kids while Jeremy and I were doing our thing. I do not know what we will do when Eli and his family move this summer :(

For Valentines day Jeremy and I decided to forgo any of the usual (although not usual for us) gift exchanging, flowers or dinner out and run the Great Aloha Run today. This was Jeremy's first race and he was so funny, he got up at the crack of dawn and said he had not been that excited since the birth of our last child. Although I promised that I would stay with him so we could run together I ended up leaving him at mile 3. I thought I was a nice patient runner but we running at a slower pace and it was really hard on my knees. I told Jeremy we either had to speed up a bit or walk. He declined the change in pace so I left him there. I feel kind of bad about it now, it was supposed to be our Valentine gift to each other and I took off and left him by the stinky guy in the green shirt.

Jeremy did do really well though, he did not stop once and he was only a few min. behind me. As for me, I have been trying to make it up to him and have been extra nice to him today and am even letting him have a nap right now. I hope that somehow makes up the fact that I am not a very nice running companion.

Sorry I once again have no pictures of the race only this gem of a picture in our still dark hallway right before we left. Neither of us wanted to have to hold the camera while running and are to cheep to pay for the pictures they take at the race so you will just have to imagine what we look like sweaty and tired. Here is the link to our results if you are interested, you will have to put in our names or even our last name works too. I finished at 1:16.50 and Jeremy did 1:25.07 I could give you a disclaimer and tell you I have been battling a bad cold and hung back with Jeremy the first 3 miles but oh well, it gives me room to improve.


The Chase Files said...

I remember when I tried to go jogging with you in Logan and I ended up having to ditch you to go home because I couldn't run any longer. You've always been a great runner. I'm very impressed with Jeremy! Good job!

Angela said...

Great Job! I was thinking about you guys yesterday. If we had run the race our tables would have been totally turned. I would have been holding Jeremy back. And truthfully I think I would have wanted him to just leave me only because I would have felt bad for holding him back. So who knows maybe that is how your Jeremy feels. What ever the case maybe don't beat yourself up over it too's only $1000.00 that you might have one. ;)