Thursday, February 12, 2009

Not just for girls

I always thought dress up was just for girls, boy was I wrong. Lorenzo and Liam live to dress up. Christmas felt more like Halloween as they both got a bunch of costumes. We have a huge tub upstairs that is overflowing with jedi paraphernalia, cloaks, masks and strange looking black jumpsuits. This last week Liam has gone to the doctor as Indiana Jones, picked the kids up in his swat team gear and paraded around the neighborhood as Jango Fett. He really is cute though! To think I thought I was going to miss out on dress-up without any little girls :)


Angela said...

Hey there you go who needs girls. I dont remember dressing up when i was little. Kya loves it too, and of course Lucy does but that's a give in. I wonder what Liam will be for Halloween, sounds like he has an array of choices.

Sheila said...

Sooooo fun! I wish we were closer, our boys would be brothers instantly. Jacob has completely worn out the jedi robe that Aunt Gina made for him about 4 years ago, he wishes his mommy could sew I'm sure, maybe someday.

The Chase Files said...

Hey, Briana! I've missed you! Thanks so much for the Christmas card. I've been trying to go to the email address you gave me but it doen't work for some reason. Your family is so cute and you are still way beautiful!