Saturday, February 21, 2009

A Memory

There is no doubt that Lorenzo loves music. Anyone who knows him knows this, he can hum just about anything and talks in scales sometimes and when happy seems to just dace around. He came in tonight asking for help with his p.j.'s while I was singing to myself and he had a little smile on his face. It was then I remembered riding in the car with the kids about 3 or 4 years ago and we were listening to something when all of the sudden this little voice in the back seat says I...LOVE....Music. This might not sound that remarkable to you but for the boy who has been slow to talk or understand and who can cause a lot of upset at the drop of a hat it was so so cute! I think my mom or sister was out because I just remember we all could not stop laughing. On a side not he sometimes gets his words all mixed up and he has a hard time speaking clear enough so that we can understand him. While this can be really frustrating it has also afforded us many a laugh. One time while watching the Little Einstein's cartoon about George Bizet, Lorenzo asked later if we could watch George is gay. When things get hard around here I am now going to just look at that boy and remind myself of the times I have caught him in the bathroom humming 76 trombones and swinging his arm and head about!


∂∫∂ Lockhart Clan ∂∫∂ said...

So sweet. I am working on remembering the positive as well. It does wonders to melt away my mommy concerns :) Not always easy, but it does wonders. I wish we lived closer so our kids could form a band!

Lisa said...

Hopefully he didn't ask to watch George is Gay while you were shopping in the store or at church or something. Kids are so funny!

onedayatatime said...

Man, I love that little guy. I think he is going to grow up and amaze the world at what he becomes. I heard he is doing lots better in school -- is it still going well? That picture is so cute!