Thursday, February 26, 2009

Not a good place to fall asleep

I guess the days of letting him bathe by himself are over. He has been home sick this week with a cold, and you know Lorenzo, his colds are like no other. This scared me, I am just glad we said our prayers this morning.


Lisa said...

Wow, that is scary, Annabelle almost fell asleep in the tub a few months ago and I remember feeling the same way, I had kind of stopped worrying about my kids and water. Glad he's okay, I hope he starts feeling better soon.

Blake and Catherine Potter said...

WOw!! Impressive but yea scary! I guess water bed would be good for him, hah im so funny :)

The Smith Family said...

Im glad he's ok. That is super scary though and im glad he was protected. Sorry i didnt get back to you about the autism thing but Carson constantly has repetitive speech, Cant sit still, and will freak out over nothing. He hasnt officially been diagnosed but weve been having him tested cuz he has alot of the characteristics of an autistc child. He has been going to a special pre-school since he was 3 and they have done wonders with him. Its been wonderful!