Thursday, October 11, 2007


Lorenzo has been having a hard couple of days. I think it is because they were off of school last week, and like always, is having a hard time transitioning. He was crying today and said he wanted to stay home from school because he is sick and if he goes to school he will get sent to the office. I asked him if he was sent to the office yesterday and he said yes that he had been there the last 2 days. I asked him why and if it was because he is sick and he said no it was because he was crying. Well, Jeremy took him to school today and went in to ask the teacher what was going on. I have been up there the last 2 days and she has said nothing to me. All she told Jeremy was that he has been sad and that she has sent him to the back of the class to wash his face and try to calm down and when he does not she has sent him to the office. I am a little upset because he feels he is being punished, who would'nt. He cant help his anxiety and he is supposed to have help there as stated in his IEP when he is having trouble. needless to say I am going down there to talk with her and the special ed coordinator today. I told jeremy I feel bad, if this was Riley I would have kept him home because of the cold but as it is Lorenzo he could be sick for the rest of the month and If I keep him home one day it is going to be next to impossible to get him to go back. I feel bad for the little guy!